Verbal De-escalation and Basic Self-Defense Training for Organizations

Build Staff Member Confidence to Maintain a Safe Environment

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As personal and organizational threats continue to rise, administrators are faced with the challenge of increasing safety while minimizing liability. Controlled F.O.R.C.E. is uniquely prepared to help the civilian sectors meet this challenge by refining our threat assessment / mitigation expertise to the specific needs of:

Schools and Educational Facilities

Hospitals and Mental Health Facilities

Corporations and Organziations

Personal Protection / Home Defense

Workforce Development Training and Consulting

Appropriate Response: Maintaining Safety in Our Schools - As a result of techniques learned in this class, faculty and staff will be able to confidently approach and handle difficult situations that have the potential to escalate to violence. Call 630-365-1700 for Details.

Verbal De-Escalation and Basic Self-Defense Techniques - Comprehensive program to identify and prevent potential violence within the work environment, giving staff member confidence to maintain a safe environment. Call 630-365-1700 for Details.