Crowds and criminal acts committed by participants within the crowd require a flexible response. Incidents vary from lawful assembly to individual criminal acts to civil disobedience to rioting. Operational strategies, tactics, Officer discipline and restraint, use of force considerations and arrest protocols are all essential components in successfully managing crowds.

Course Categories:
  • Risk Management Security Plan
  • Front Line Presence
  • Arrest Team Response
  • Environment Assessment
  • Individual/Team Crowd/Riot Control
  • Situational Awareness and Control
  • Officer Down Scenarios
  • Behavioral Aspects/Non-Violent Crowds/Riots
  • Crowd Management/Riot Management
  • Formations Utilizing Officers
  • Formations Utilizing Patrol Vehicles
  • Communications
  • Suspect Distraction
  • Suspect Containment
  • Team Arrest and Control Tactics

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