Master Instructor Program Overview

The Controlled F.O.R.C.E. Master Instructor Program is designed to develop individuals from basic students to experts in the Controlled F.O.R.C.E. curriculum. By establishing a foundation of learning and then developing the individual as an instructor in a building block format, we ensure that knowledge and presentation skills are solidified.

Under close guidance by our headquarters training cadre members, the individual is then given greater responsibilities, ultimately enhancing their confidence, presentation skills and subject matter expertise.

Master instructor candidates should be motivated, self-starters who have a passion for learning and continuing education but also sharers of information.

Upon completion of the program, the individual will be an asset to your organization which ultimately will reduce liability and provide an in-house subject matter expert.

Path to Becoming a Master Instructor

1. Departmental Instructor 2. Master Departmental Instructor
Instruct 1 or more C.F. Level 1 or 3 courses over the course of 1 year, re-certify annually and pass written and performance evaluations. 3+ Years as a departmental instructor (uninterrupted certification), instruct at least 5 C.F. Courses inside their own department, attend and/or instruct during the annual training conference.