The Controlled F.O.R.C.E.® Operator Response Course is designed to ensure military personal and team proficiency in Close Quarter Combat (CQC), Small Team Tactics (STT), Weapons Proficiency Training (WPT) and Close Quarter Situations (CQS). This unique training provides rapid individual and team tactical response training, encompassing subject matter of five courses into one comprehensive course.

This course is similar to the Law Enforcement F.O.R.C.E. Operator Response Course with the exception that at the unit's request, the course may be customized and made mission specific.

This course covers:
  • Instructor Introductions
  • Body Control Drills / Hand to Hand Combat
  • Mechanical Advantage Control Holds (M.A.C.H.®)
  • M.A.C.H.® Close Range Subject Control (CRSC) Defensive Tactics
  • M.A.C.H.® Team Arrest Tactics
  • Counter Measure Tactics
  • Close Quarter Combat
  • Small Team Movement and Tactics
  • Combative Counter Measures (Based on the M.A.C.H.® Stystem
  • Weapon Deployment in Extreme Close Quarter Combat (ECQC)
  • Team Movement and Transitions (Glass House Exercises)
  • Primary and Secondary Weapon (i.e. M4 and M9) Capabilities, Specifications and Transitions
  • Weapon Handling Strong Side / Support Side
  • Movement with Weapon Handling Transitions
  • Hallway CLearing, Room Clearing, Stairwell Clearing Tactics
  • Basic / Advanced Flat Range Marksmanship (Live)
  • Basic and Advanced Individual and Team Movement Marksmanship (Dry and Live Fire)
  • Transitions Strong Side / Support Side Live Fire Drills. Strong & Support (S&S)
  • Primary and Secondary Weapons Engagement (S&S)
  • Tactical Movement Exercises / no light / low light
  • Total Darkness Tactical Missions Proper use of NVG / IR (If Available)
  • MOUT Site Force-on-Force Scenario-Based Practical Exercises

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