Youth oriented agencies develop their staff to use verbal and physical control methods more safely and effectively managing the juveniles in their care. This program, which is easy to learn, simple yet effective to utilize, and easy to retain and recall, helps minimize injury to staff members and juveniles and mitigate an agency's liability.

Our program develops a staff member's awareness and ability to maintain control of their environment through crisis prevention, behavior management, and restraint techniques. By building staff member confidence, helping understand their possible limitations, emphasizing their presence and verbal commands, and improving teamwork / team communication, will help them maintain a safe environment.

The specific points of instruction of the course are as follows:
  • Verbal De-Escalation
  • Body Positioning Drills
  • Mechanical Advantage Control Holds (M.A.C.H.®)
  • M.A.C.H.® Subject Control Tactics
  • M.A.C.H.® Handcuff Positioning and Restraint Application
  • M.A.C.H.® Team Arrest Tactics
  • Breaking-up Two or More Combative Youth
  • Lead Hand Protection/ Disruption Techniques
  • Multiple Attacks and Multiple Attackers
  • Edge Weapon Awareness and Defense
  • Choke Hold/ Headlock Escapes

This program may be customized to you specific requirements to best help your agency reduce injuries and provide staff with the skills needed to be safe and effective.

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