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Our mission is to improve the safety of each and every person working to protect the security of this nation. We accomplish this by instilling the knowledge and skills needed to operate with control and confidence, our communities will adapt to the ever changing challenges we, as a nation, face.

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M.A.C.H.TM 5.0

Controlled F.O.R.C.E. is the developer and sole source provider of the Mechanical Advantage Control Holds (M.A.C.H.TM) 5.0 System. The M.A.C.H. System is a series of five techniques that use positioning, movement, body momentum, and resistance to control a subject. Because the system emphasizes Mechanical Advantage over pressure points or pain compliance, the techniques work on any subject regardless of size, strength, skill, psychological state, or level of intoxication or chemical influence.

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Dedication Video

We value the daily sacrifices that our First Responders, Military and Security personnel make to keep us safe. We created this video as a thank you to those brave men and women who hold the line.